While the Cat is Away . . .

I was looking through a photo album that I hadn’t seen in years and there in the middle of the page was a photo of a car. A car that was purchased by a shameless husband.

We had decided that the next vehicle we would purchase would be my choice and I had already fallen in love with a particular make of SUV. One afternoon, I was looking out the window towards the driveway and a white, two-door sporty car drove in, and out stepped my husband. By then I was also in the driveway: “did you purchase this?” Of course, I knew right where it came from as we had purchased several cars from the same dealership over the years, but we always shopped for cars together.

I was quietly seething, having been royally disrespected. “What about my SUV?”

He tilted his head to the left as if to say, I don’t understand what you’re saying (a familiar tactic).

After questioning the cost of the new car, an argument ensued about purchasing two cars at the same time.

Two days later he was leaving for the Middle East, and I had formed a plan. I couldn’t wait to drop him off at Dulles International Airport and put my plan into action. I decided to replace the new car’s license plates while he was running around in the Middle East. My subtle revenge read as, “WIFS TRK.” It took some time upon my husband’s return from overseas before he saw the changed plates. Those plates remained on the vehicle until it was time to replace the car. I eventually did get my desired SUV.

Wishing you the best,


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