Are You Facing the prospect of your own unimaginable divorce?




Avoid some of the pitfalls and surprises that you will meet along the way with the inspiration, information, and insights in Now What? Navigating An Unimaginable Divorce.

In this book, you will find helpful strategies and valuable advice, as well as important practical resources included at the end of each chapter. You’ll take heart at the words of encouragement you’ll find throughout the book that will help you deal with the pain and process of divorce, especially if yours is a military family.

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Author Nancy Stevens relates the twists and turns she experienced dealing with a deceitful and unfaithful husband, a scheming mistress, a military bureaucracy that protects its own, the complexities of legal issues and bankruptcy manipulation, ugly depositions, and traumatic court appearances.

Together with the wisdom contained in this book and the resources it offers, Now What? Navigating An Unimaginable Divorce provides you with the strength, tools, and roadmap you need to prepare for what’s ahead, to protect yourself along the way, and to take each critical step that will lead you through the process and into your new life.

This book will help you survive your own unimaginable divorce.

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