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“Nancy...You are a Warrior Woman, strong and flexible - I am just so impressed with you and your two children... I am proud of you and thank you for your book and hope it can offer hope and laughter with the tears as other women travel their own journey to singlehood."
Penni Evans
Vietnam Donut Dollie, 1970-1971
“As a former military spouse, Nancy was legally entitled to alimony and nearly half of Roi’s military pension, plus medical, post exchange, and commissary privileges. Although Roi knew this as fact, it never stopped him from attempting to cheat and defraud Nancy at every turn. As the bills and debt from her attorney fees mounted, Nancy struggled to make sense of the injustice stacked against her. In sharing her shocking story, Nancy also offers practical tips and helpful advice to others. I wish her the best.”
Michelle Short
NetGalley Reviewer
“Nancy is heart-breakingly honest in writing about the pain of her divorce, but she also shows great humor and gives very practical advice to people who find themselves in the same predicament.”
Ann Bilodeau
Former Development Director, Stanford University
“You have to pick your battles carefully and know the law in your state. Everyone thinks they'll come out with a Land Rover and a diamond, but in many cases you leave with a lump of coal. Know who you are dealing with prior to leaving the marriage. If it's a toxic individual who will delay and have the legalities become costly you're wiser to take what you can and save your sanity. [Nancy,] your story will help so many and I'm so glad you told it.”
Donna Hines
Top Goodreads Reviewer and Macmillan Readers Insider Club
“[This is] an account of a "scorched-earth" divorce, told with angst and humor...Nancy's story underscores how an unscrupulous ex-spouse can create post-divorce havoc over a decade. Covers a waterfront of issues: infidelity, division of military benefits, multi-state enforcement, bankruptcy, financial hijinks, and the impact of divorce on adult children. Offers wisdom from the trenches and how to buckle one's seat belt for the long haul.”
Janice Green
Author, Divorce After 50: Your Guide to Unique Legal & Financial Challenges of a Gray Divorce (Nolo, 4the Ed.) Partner, Farris & Green, Family Law, Austin, Texas
“Nancy deftly describes the multiple layers of betrayal that can ambush you when divorcing someone with "challenging personality traits". Women often underestimate the guerrilla warfare tactics that may be used against them and Nancy provides an in-depth look into the legal and emotional battles she faced. She gives women hope that an unimaginable divorce is not the end and that pockets of joy and laughter can be found in the midst of chaos.”
Debra Doak
CDC®, CDFA®, Author of High-Conflict Divorce for Women
“5 Star Review: Such an emotional roller coaster! I loved it!”
Lisa Vasquez
NetGalley Reviewer
“5 Star Review: This story kept getting worse and worse for the author. I kept rooting for her and her children. What scum her ex and his mistress are.”
Kay O'Dell
NetGalley Reviewer
“You laid it all out — the good, the bad and the ugly. There are so very many who will benefit from your fine book. The advice in the 'take aways' at the end of each chapter are so informative and educational
. . . priceless.”
Patricia Gallo-Stenman
Author, Mother of Three, and Fellow Divorce Journey Traveler
“This book details a prolonged and complicated divorce from the perspective of the person being dumped out of the blue by her cheating husband. A would-be handbook for potential divorce victims, Nancy Stevens' book is written in a straight forward, no nonsense style which makes it highly readable.”
Jane Clulow
Educator, Brookside Academy, United Kingdom
“I have laughed and cried. I am ready for the NEXT book!”
Lisa Vance
Law Offices of Lisa A. Vance, P.C.
“Painful and hilarious.”
Candice Maillard
Editor, Chatsworth, CA
“The author has a delightful sense of humor that makes this a very entertaining read.”
Lesia Stanchak
Small Business Owner
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