I have flown thousands of miles around this world and have had several interesting seatmates. Some have been enjoyable to talk with, some have made the flight like a party, and then there are those with four legs.

I was on a flight to San Antonio and my seatmate was the owner of an obnoxious and untrained chihuahua, whose assigned seat was under the person seated in front of his owner. Maximilian made sure that everyone knew that he felt humiliated in that position and started barking before the plane rolled back from the gate. He had no intention of being confined in his carrier and as a skilled escape artist, he ran all over the plane barking. Each escape caused me to stand in the aisle so his owner could corral him. A little over an hour into the American Airlines flight, I buzzed for the flight attendant.

She apologized “I’m sorry, but there are no other seats available,” and then she said to the owner “keep THAT dog in the carrier!”

That dog and I were never going to be warm and friendly and frankly, I was not impressed with his owner. Don’t think I’m not a dog lover, as my family has had a variety of dogs over the years, just not ones small enough to be in the passenger compartment.

That dog wanted to be held in his owner’s arms wrapped in a baby blanket. In that position, he threw his head back putting his mouth about six inches from my left bicep. I made sure I didn’t spread beyond the seventeen-inch seat I’d purchased for the three-hour flight. That dog, looked at me as if he was saying, “you move, I bite.”

There must have been some poetic justice in sitting next to an arrogant little dog that wouldn’t take orders, while on my way to try and put an arrogant old dog, who didn’t follow court orders, behind bars.

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