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He Should Have Paid Me

Having had a husband who drove home in a new car without so much as a “guess what, I bought a new car,”  why would I not consider that he might try buying another new car without discussing it?

About five years later my husband called (he could have waited until he got home) to tell me that he had just ordered a new car and he would need me to drive him to the dealership so he could pick it up.

He proceeded to tell me about the new model, the color, and the price. His current car was fully paid for and only six years old, hardly ready for the “old” car heap. He hadn’t mentioned needing a new car. How could I have not noticed that the car was six years old as I’d been a passenger from time to time?

The new shiny black four door vehicle was sitting out front of the dealership just waiting for the paperwork to be signed. The salesman invited us to his office and started reeling off everything a new car owner needed to know about it, and suddenly, he mentioned the price. “Just a minute”, I said, “you quoted me a lower price.” and with that my husband [now ex] had the unmitigated gall to say, “No, you must have forgotten.”

I rarely, if ever, misunderstand the price of a new automobile and with that I stood up and walked out saying, “You pay for it.”

I can guarantee that I was not the first wife to have been disrespected in the audience of a car salesman, although I did hold my head high and kept my mouth shut.

Sometime later and dealing with the divorce, I needed to have my car checked (also purchased from the same dealership). Of course, the salesmen knew about the divorce because the deviant had brought his mistress to the dealership to show her off.  (It was one of those moments for a “what was he thinking?”)

His cunning mistress had divorced two other men and was up on all the tricks of the trade. She, of course, was only looking out for his happiness. Ha!

She also knew that not paying alimony was NO BIG deal making it clear why my ex didn’t pay on a regular basis and, most of the time, not at all. Another way of screwing me!

After taking him to court five times, although one was a NO SHOW, he was charged with a contempt of court for that maneuver. Each suit was for not paying alimony. As you may be very aware, suing is a long process with little to no return. Something the mistress knew about; however, she must have forgotten to warn my ex.

At the end of the fifth court case the judge’s order was for an immediate down payment of arrears of alimony or four consecutive years in Jail.

“Oh, My Gosh, what did the judge say?”

Several days later the judge granted the ex an automatic stay which halted all actions by creditors. I was one on a list of forty-nine creditors, but as the ex-wife I was considered a priority creditor. Once again, the court required him to make a down payment for unpaid alimony within five days.

Without enough disposable cash to satisfy the down payment, my ex was ordered to sign over his shiny black four door Lincoln to me and have his attorney deliver the car to my Texas attorney on February 18, 2015.

Upon delivering the car, his attorney removed the license plates that were monogrammed with a configuration of “distinguished veteran”! The attorney walked away yelling, “My client is very bitter about coming so close to jail.” Whose fault might that be?

How ironic for me to become the owner of his 2008 Lincoln, a vehicle that was purchased a few months before his affair, and a vehicle that caused friction between us.

Finally, after seven years and many thousands of dollars, to chase him from state to state, I was awarded the value of his black car that would ultimately pay for at least half of my Texas attorney’s invoice.

Although, for a moment I thought it would be a hoot to put my own monogram plates on that car (there were so many funny choices), I decided letting it go to be the right decision.

Wishing you the best,


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