After selling my home on the West Coast, I moved to the East Coast to be close to my kids. My daughter’s townhouse was never going to accommodate two households, so we decided to build. I’ve had many remodeling projects but building from the ground up is another challenge. Fortunately, my book was nearly complete and almost ready for publication before moving, as writing, moving, building a home, decorating and preparing for the birth of a new baby was enough to make one crazy.

Before moving, I had had the luxury of living alone with hours to write. With a five-month-old, it’s a bit challenging to write even a paragraph during her morning naps. As clever and creative as I think I am, I have not established a routine, or perhaps it’s not really my time anymore. Even though blogs are shorter and require fewer hours to write, one does have to think about the topic, how to make it interesting, and maybe throw in a bit of humor. I thought I could produce one a week; however, so far, I’ve failed to reach that goal.

My daughter and I came up with the idea of using a floor seat and a laptop that plays silly comic characters and entertained the baby while I was trying to put words on an 8×11 sheet of paper.

The baby chair is one solution, but babies arrive knowing that they always prefer someone to entertain them. You may move them from one activity to another thinking you can fold laundry or pay a bill, but it rarely works out that way. Remember they come programmed to be entertained if only to mimic their goo-goo-gagas. It’s exhausting to say goo-goo fifty times and then be able to write as a mature person!

Maybe tomorrow?


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