When the Marital Agreement arrived from the court on the last day of January 2010, I was ready to try out my single wings. Never giving a thought to what if the ex-wasn’t going to play fair.

As a novice, I thought we had gone to court so the judge would order each of us to follow guidelines to make the divorce clean and final.

After all, it was his idea to divorce me. How naïve! What I really mean is “How stupid can you get?!”

MY first chore was to obtain a new military ID. I needed a copy of our marriage certificate, but the ex would not provide me with a copy. I paid my attorney to send a letter to the ex’s attorney, and I finally received a copy.

Soon after I was purchasing groceries from the military commissary. I handed a check to the clerk, and she then whispered, “Your check has been rejected for lack of funds.” Rattled, I handed her a credit card and I left, with my groceries.

Upon verifying my bank account, I was reassured that I could have paid with the check. Somehow forgetting the incident, it happened a second

Having had a little time to “grow a pair,” I left the commissary office with the phone number for the agency in charge. I was told that a woman was using someone’s social security number without authorization to even be on the military installation. Because it was his social security number, I knew the woman in question was the ex’s mistress. That incident caused my ex and me to be unable to shop at any US Military store worldwide for three months.

Those two incidents occurred in the first three months of the divorce. No one, including my attorney, hinted that sometimes divorces don’t go smoothly. So beware, crap can go on for an extended period of time. Mine dragged on for the next eight years!

After suing him four times over six of those years, I made the decision to stop spending large sums of money for nothing – and I do mean nothing. Even with one or two judges ordering him to comply and a third threatening him with four consecutive years in jail, he still managed to give me the finger.

Despite everything that happened, and even more, I only spent one day drowning in tears, and the rest of the time I was emboldened enough to outsmart the SOB!

Unfortunately, the justice system fails many.


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