High Resolution Cover CONSIDERING DIVORCE? THIS BOOK CAN HELP. A true story of surprise, disappointment, and strength that can inspire and help you on your own unexpected journey.

Considering Divorce?

This Book Can Help

A true story of surprise, disappointment, and strength that can inspire and help you on your own unexpected journey

“Perhaps I should have taken ten dollars out of the grocery money each week and hidden it away in a container marked ‘Mistress Protection.'”

About the Book

Struggle and Hope

Nancy Stevens will capture your attention as she leads you through her unimaginable divorce story of deception and cruelty. Offering insights and practical take-aways, she gives hope to readers experiencing their own journey.

As a contented Army wife, married for forty-six years to a career Army officer, Nancy is faced with a cheating husband who, after conducting a clandestine affair, suddenly decides to divorce her. In thirty-one heart-breaking chapters, Nancy relates the twists and turns dealing with a pathologically lying husband, a scheming mistress who becomes the second wife, a military bureaucracy that protects its own, the traumas of legal issues and bankruptcy manipulation, ugly depositions and traumatic court appearances.

With creativity, wit and humor Nancy’s account reveals both struggle and hope. Helpful strategies and cogent advice are included at the end of each chapter plus words of encouragement throughout to help other women experiencing or contemplating divorce.  These resources will help readers searching for answers on how to prepare, protect themselves and take the next steps.

This book will help you survive your own unimaginable divorce.

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Praise for Now What? Navigating an unimaginable divorce


“Some divorce books are entertaining or emotional while others instructional and advisory. Now What?, by Nancy Stevens, is both. It’s the first book to pick up for a person contemplating divorce - especially a military divorce. Unfortunately, what Nancy went through happens all too often. That’s why this is a must read to arm one’s self prior to battle. There are nuggets all throughout the book like 'tenacity and perseverance and cogency can pay off'. Now What? should be read before hiring an attorney or diving deep into the divorce process.”
John T. Winkler, II
Attorney at Law
“Nancy Stevens is a raconteur of the first order. The descriptions of her marital journey through its inception, demise and beyond, evoke such vivid real -world imagery, the reader immediately begins to walk in her shoes. Join Nancy as she experiences the pain, the headache, the education, the downright absurdity and yes, even the love and loyalty, that one finds in going through a divorce. The most valuable lessons a person going through a divorce can be found bound within these pages.”
Demian J. McGarry
Virginia Family Law Attorney
“As a divorce attorney in Huntsville, Alabama (and former active duty JAG), where I handle many military divorces, I found Nancy’s book very honest and candid from a military wife’s perspective, who is blindsided by a philandering husband. Her book takes you through the entire divorce process from her own personal perspective, and I believe it could be very insightful for others who are going through or about to go through a similar situation.”
Mitchell J. Howie
Law Office of Mitchell J. Howie. Author of How to Deal with a Military Divorce
“The author's detailed documentation of the injustices in our divorce court system is "must reading" for anyone going through a divorce, regardless whether the spouse is military. I am recommending Now What? to my divorce clients as the most informational book to date on how the "system" works to put spouses into financial ruin.”
Marsha Thole
Lt Col, USAFR (retired), military divorce consultant and degreed paralegal. Author: Divorce and the Military II: A Comprehensive Guide for Service Members, Spouses, and Attorneys
“This is the perfect book to tell you how it feels to go through the daily process of divorcing a con man - after decades of a seemingly good marriage. What will happen next? Nancy helps you cope with a wry sense of humor thrown in, a significant education in a military divorce and unenforceable court orders. A compelling drama awaits the reader.”
Bill Eddy
Chief Innovation Officer of the High Conflict Institute. Lead author of Splitting: Protecting Yourself While Divorcing Someone with Borderline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder

About the Author

Nancy Stevens

Nancy Stevens, a Seattle native, studied interior design and art at Seattle University. She and her [then] Army husband began married life by moving to Germany.  The couple was stationed at numerous US military installations and her husband deployed to both Vietnam and Korea. They raised two kids and, after 45 years of marriage, Nancy suddenly discovered her husband had found another woman and was divorcing her. The next ten years were spent navigating an unimaginable divorce. Nancy hopes her experiences and lessons learned will be helpful to those facing similar journeys. All the facts in this author bio are true except for the name, Nancy Stevens. She prefers to keep her identity private for reasons that will become obvious when you read her unimaginable story.

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These websites, organizations and books provide a place to start or to find more detailed information for those contemplating or going through the divorce process.  This section also provides helpful information for those in difficult relationships. Be sure to check back frequently as additional resources are added to this website regularly. 

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